Upcoming anti-Pakistan Congress hearing on Kashmir described as ‘achievement’ by pro-PTI media

Another example exemplifying PTI’s fruitless and futile pandering to the US system and its repeated, shoddy attempts to paint their efforts as yielding anything at all can be seen in a 21 October news item by pro-PTI media outlet Times of Islamabad.

‘A big achievement of Pakistan foreign policy against India in Washington’ goes the headline by Times of Islamabad. It mentions that Congressman Brad Sherman announced and will chair a Congressional hearing (Human Rights in South Asia: Views from the State Department and the Region) on South Asia for next Tuesday and declares this as a great victory since occupied-Kashmir will undoubtedly be on the agenda.

However, it fails to mention that Sherman has an anti-Pakistan, pro-India track record. He co-chairs the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans and along current presidential candidate and RSS poster-girl Tulsi Gabbard previously lobbied President Bill Clinton to cancel F-16 sales to Pakistan in the early 90s and against sanctioning India for its nuclear weapons programme. Times of Islamabad also fails to mention that Indian propagandists dominate the panels for the hearing and are likely going to drown it in the ‘Pandits exodus’ canard.

A Sindhi-American anti-Pakistan activist is also thrown in their for good measure. And yet we have pro-PTI media hailing the mere convening of a hearing on South Asia that will include Kashmir discussion as a ‘great achievement’.

In short, it’s just like all the other ‘great achievements’ the PTI has notched up with its continued attempt to compete with India in races it simply has years’ worth of a headstart in. But ignoring the rest of the world and putting all eggs in the US basket seems the mainstay of PTI foreign policy thus far.