Iran’s Israel-GCC-Russia Conundrum

Israel-GCC-Russia vs Iran; resharing my January 2019 article for Regional Rapport where I predict some strategic changes within the very structure of the Syrian state Israel will through the GCC and Russia try to push through with the aim of neutralizing the ‘Resistance’ culture there, among other things.

Agha Hussain

A possible new ‘Iran containment’ front forming?

Posted originally on Regional Rapport on 17 January 2019.

The securing of Syria by the pro-Iran government thanks to its allies culminated a long sequence of hard-earned victories in the Great Game for Iran over its immensely powerful enemies, at whose helm sits Israel. With the failure to turn Syria into another Libya and thus to cut off Iran from its vital Lebanese-Palestinian-Syrian resistance partners, Israel has followed an erratic and often reckless path as of then in attempting to turn Israel-GCC ties into a potent anti-Iran force. The lack of success of the Israeli-Saudi duo (or the Netanyahu-MbS duo) thus far, however, should not lull Iran into assuming a position of supreme strength in the region as there are processes in motion that could go against its interests in the near future.

The post-Syrian War scenario will involve Iran and its enemies…

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