Saudi brittleness and the real US-Saudi-Israel dynamic

Resharing this December 2018 article by myself commenting on frequent overestimation of Saudi power by some folk, and since then there’s been several more signs of Saudi strategic-military ineptitude and the delicate nature of that country which forces reliance on foreign powers for its very existence.

Agha Hussain

Tulsi Gabbard told Trump to stop being Saudi Arabia’s lackey, ostensibly due to his wishy-washiness over calling out Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the Khashoggi murder. Trump’s markedly different approach to the erratic monarch compared to his political rivals seems to be seen by some through the prism of Saudi influence over Washington due to the fact that it is rich. The Hollywood-esque ‘oil-rich Arab state that America can’t get enough of’ trope’s attractiveness seems not to diminish no matter how obvious it becomes with retrospect that it is naïve and has remained so throughout US-GCC history.

A state where much of the working folk don’t like spending more than an hour a day working, where higher education is heavily dependant on foreign faculty and where hard labour is considered the job of immigrants from the third world, Saudi Arabia doesn’t cut an impressive image when one thinks…

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