Should Pakistan expect US withdrawal from Afghanistan?

I’m resharing this piece from a few months earlier where I expressed skepticism over the US-Taliban peace talks’ prospects. This is founded in some very consequential, very long-term and very specific strategic objectives the US has in Afghanistan and I don’t see them relinquishing their means of attaining those i.e having military posted in that country.

Agha Hussain

Posted originally to CRSS on 12 may 2019.

Diligent minds in Pakistan pay adequate attention to the Indo-US strategic partnership across Asia. However, with this partnership as the framework, analysts may find it difficult to explain why the US began peace talks with the Afghan Taliban and negotiations as to when and how the US troops would exit the country. Afghanistan was invaded to pursue key objectives of a long term geopolitical and strategic nature and not as a reaction to al Qaeda’s terrorism. The importance of it in those geopolitical and strategic terms to the US has not died down yet has only increased under the rubric of the new Indo-US alliance, so should Pakistan realistically expect a US withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s geographical placement is useful for the US to keep an eye on rival Iran, semi-rival Pakistan and rivals China and Russia. The difficulty of one side…

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